MTN Data Plans, Data Bundles, Subscriptions Codes and Prices

When it comes to browsing and you are using MTN then concerning using MTN Data Plans will surely pop into your mind. MTN Nigeria is one of the fast and commonly used network in Nigeria as they provide different packages and bundles to suit your pocket not concerning the location you are inn in Nigeria; the simply give you the very best when it comes to speed.

mtn data plans, subscriptions code, prices

MTN has been in Nigeria for a very long time for them to be well trusted when it comes to delivering quality services for its users. Browsing with in Nigeria has no dull moment until during a upgrade or maintenance other than that you will not face any issues, which lead us to talk about the MTN 4G capabilities.

mtn 4G lte

MTN 4G which was recently introduced in Nigeria recently has now made browsing faster, uploading smoother and downloading better with this combo you are sure of nothing but greatness when it comes to using MTN data plans and bundles for browsing.

Enough of the introduction and dancing about of MTN data plans, let go to types of MTN data plans and data bundles available for you to use.

Types of MTN Data Plans and Bundles

There are different types of data plans and data bundle under the MTN network, so we are going to mention the types below which are normally differentiated by the validity of the data plans or bundle.

  1. Daily Data plans & Bundle
  2. Weekly Data Plans & Bundle
  3. Monthly Data Plans & Bundle
  4. 60 Days Data Plan & Bundle
  5. Quarterly Data Plans & Bundle

We are going to give more information about the different packages under each of the above types of Mtn data plans and data Bundle, not forgetting the price and also how to subscribe to a specified data plan or data bundle.

MTN Daily Data Plans & Bundle


Mtn knowing that our pocket are different and some may desire a one day data plan or a 24 hour data plans which means you can subscribe for a mtn data plan and it will be valid for only 24hours. The valid of 24hours will start counting immediately after you subscribe for the daily MTN data plan.

Under MTN Daily data plan or data bundle you have

  1. 30MB daily plan which cost ₦100
  2. 100MB Daily Plan which Cost N200

MTN Weekly Data Plan and Bundle

The weekly MTN data plan and bundle is a data plan that has a validity of 7days, it is called weekly plan based on the fact that 7days makes a week. So once you subscribe to MTN data bundle or package your 7days validity begins to count.

So if you are looking for some for a short period of time like 7 days then MTN got you covered.

The MTN Weekly data plan or data bundle, you have

  1. 750MB weekly data bundle which cost ₦500

Monthly MTN Data Plans and Bundle

The monthly MTN data plans and bundles are the ones which are commonly and widely used as it has a validity of 30days which is approximately one month. The montly data bundles are of different sizes and prices which will surely fit your pocket and can be bought according to how many MB of GB you use. As I usually say, the 30days validity begins to count once you subscribe to the monthly package.

If you are interested in the MTN monthly Data plan, then check them out

  1. 5GB monthly data bundle; cost ₦1,000
  2. 5GB monthly data bundle; cost ₦2,000
  3. 10GB Monthly data bundle; cost ₦5,000
  4. 22GB monthly data bundle; cost ₦10,000

60days or 2 Months MTN Data Plans

This data bundle validity is about 60days which is also 2 months and as usual the validity start counting immediate the data has been successfully subscribe to, this is not common like that of the monthly data plan above but if you want your data plan or bundle to last longer than a month then this is the preferred bundle for you.

This is the only data bundle under the 2 months or 60days validity

  1. 50GB 2 months data bundle; cost ₦20,000

90Days or 3 Months MTN Data Plans

Mtn also has a 90 days Validity data plan which are normally used by companies and people who require large data plan and also do not have the time to be doing a monthly plan. So if you are interested in this data bundle which will last 3 months which start counting immediately after a successful subscription.

  1. 85GB 3 months data bundle; cost ₦50,000

And these are all MTN data Plans and data bundle above, I hope we have been able to shed more light concerning the issue.

How to you subscribe to your preferred data bundle or plan from the above MTN data bundles? We will answer that below.

How To Subscribe to MTN Data Plans or Subscription Codes For The Data Plans

Knowing the different types of MTN Data plans is one thing but knowing the subscription process, or the subscription codes to subscribe to a data bundle is another thing you should know.

Below is the subscription codes and how to subscribed to any of MTN data Plans

  1. 30MB daily plan => Dial *104# or Text “104” to 131
  2. 100MB Daily Plan => Dial *113# or Text “113” to 131
  3. 750MB weekly data => Dial *103# or Text “103” to 131
  4. 5GB monthly data => Dial *106# or Text “106” to 131
  5. 5GB Monthly data => Dial *110# or Text “110” to 131
  6. 10GB monthly data => Dial *116# or Text “116” to 131
  7. 22GB 2 months data => Dial *117# or Text “117” to 131
  8. 85GB 3 months data => Dial *133# or Text”133″ to 131

The simplest way in which you can easily subscribe to any data Plan by MTN , Just Dial *123#

How to Check For Your MTN Data Plan Balance

If you have subscribe to any of the MTN data plans or bundle then you need to be able to keep track of your data and your daily data consumption in order for you to be able to control you data bundle.

To check your mtn data all you have to do is Send a Text

Send 2 to 131

And you will receive a message back stating the remaining data balance and when your data plan will expire.

How To Stop Auto-Renewal Of MTN Data Plans and Bundle

If you have been using Mtn data plans for a while and validity period expires; MTN will try to auto renew the same data plan or bundle for you and it will be successful as far you have enough airtime on your phone. But to stop this

Text “NO” to 131 or “NO110” to 131

MTN Data Plans or Bundle Video

So, if you really want to subscribe to MTN data plans and MTN data Bundle, those above are the packages available to subscribe to. We also provided the subscription codes, prices of the data plans and also the validity of the data bundle.

So Enjoy mtn data services and MTN will always make you happy..

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